How to run multiple Telegram Desktop instances at once on Linux

Run multiple Telegram Desktops with different accounts at the same time

You can use any install method for this, but for this use case I want Telegram on a portable drive so I’m using the downloadable binaries.

  1. Go to and click the link “Get Telegram for Linux x64”. This downloads a .tar.xz file containing the latest Telegram Desktop.

  2. Extract the Telegram folder to the drive where you want to keep the files.

     tar xvf tsetup.4.13.1.tar.xz -C ~/bin/
  3. Mark telegram binary as executable (note: you may need to repeat this when Telegram updates itself automatically or you’ll be unable to restart Telegram)

     chmod +x ~/bin/Telegram/Telegram
  4. Create a shell file containing the following:

     #!/usr/bin/env sh
     ./Telegram -many -workdir "./tgdata1"
  5. Make this file executable:

     chmod +x ~/bin/Telegram/

Now you can run it from the terminal or to run it from the file explorer, open the Telegram folder and right click Choose “Run as Program”. Create a new shell script for each instance you want to run and specify a different workdir for each. You’ll be able to sign in to a different Telegram account in each instance.